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We are thrilled to be THIRTEEN and counting…

By AVS India

We are 13 years younger and yes it's thrilling.

We are celebrating our THRILLING THIRTEEN with more fun, contagious laughter, rejoicing in all our client’s successes.

AVS is a well-known experiential marketing agency that focuses on clients across diverse industries with comprehensive marketing and communications solutions. We have developed a reputation for our forward-thinking and original approach to marketing and communications over the years.

What we have been doing these last thirteen years

In the last thirteen years, AVS has passionately played a very significant role in aiding our clients to achieve the most from their businesses and their objectives. By providing customized marketing and communication services, our clients have seen their brands getting the right recognition, enhancing their online presence, generating leads through virtual and offsite events, and improving customer experience.

At AVS we have collaborated with some of the greatest names in the market over the past 13 years, including both global enterprises and start-ups. We have successfully executed some of the best events and marketing campaigns in diverse sectors such as technology, healthcare, retail, finance, etc. The business has developed a reputation as a reliable partner in the sector thanks to its capacity to produce quantifiable outcomes.

As AVS, (Ajay Vadhvani Solutions) marks its 13th year in business, it looks forward to upholding its tradition of quality and offering its clients the best marketing and communications solutions. To make sure that its customers always receive the greatest services, the company is still dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and implementing the newest trends and technologies.

How our various services have helped our clients expand

Event Conceptualization and Management

The event management services provided by AVS are unmatched in the sector. The company's crew makes sure that every event is flawlessly performed, creating a lasting impact on the attendees, whether they are corporate events, product launches, or experiential marketing initiatives. The team ensures that the client's vision is realized by paying close attention to detail and working together with them.

  • Image of We are thrilled to be THIRTEEN and counting…
  • Image of We are thrilled to be THIRTEEN and counting…

The team of professionals at the AVS has a wealth of knowledge and experience, guaranteeing that clients get specialized solutions that are suitable for their particular requirements. Successfully providing our clients with creative and original solutions throughout their development process, ensuring the success of their events and marketing efforts, AVS conceptualizes, plans, executes and provides post-event analysis, and end-to-end event management services. Each event is meticulously planned and performed by a team of seasoned specialists at AVS to fulfill the specific requirements of the client.

Online Presence and Management

Our Digital marketing services are concentrated on driving interaction and producing leads, our branding and advertising services are made to assist clients in developing and enhancing their brand's image. We always try to pay meticulous attention to detail and take a collaborative approach with clients while ensuring that their visions are brought to life.

The goal of AVS's digital marketing services is to aid clients in creating and enhancing their online presence. AVS uses data-driven tactics to provide its clients with a wide range of services, including search engine optimization, social media management, and content marketing. The business has established a reputation as a top-tier digital marketing agency because of its emphasis on ROI and producing quantifiable outcomes.

Web and App Services

Thanks to our Web and App design and development services, the way our clients are interacting with their customers has upgraded tremendously and has helped them to engage better through improved UI & UX. These services have been established into crucial resources to develop and broaden their customer bases.

AVS’s web and app services give companies a stage on which to advertise their products and services to a much larger audience across the globe because it has helped them to manifold their market reach. We provide clients with individualized experiences. These services let them offer specialized suggestions and services to their customers and forge a solid connection between them, increasing customer retention and loyalty.

We enable companies to monitor and assess their performance, allowing them to spot areas for development and come to informed conclusions. This aids them in maintaining an advantage over rivals and expanding their market share.

Experimental Services

Giving clients the data and comprehension they require to make wise business decisions is one way that AVS's experimental services are assisting clients in becoming more competitive in the market. We use advanced analytics tools to collect and examine data from a variety of sources, like as social media, consumer reviews, and market trends to provide immersive information about our client’s businesses.

Access to cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions is another way that AVS's experimental services are assisting clients in developing. The specialists at AVS are always looking for innovative ways to enhance corporate performance, and they collaborate closely with clients to put these ideas into practice and produce quantifiable outcomes.

Virtual Events

Our virtual events services have established a useful tool for our clients in expanding their market presence. With the epidemic forcing organizations to adapt to remote work and digital platforms, virtual events have become a significant tool to communicate with clients and prospects.

At AVS virtual events services include several elements that assist clients in providing attendees with interesting and interactive experiences. AVS's services let clients design a customized event for each guest, from virtual exhibit halls and networking areas to live streaming and webcasting to live streaming and webcasting.

We provide clients with useful analytics and reporting tools. The participation and conduct of attendees may be tracked by clients, allowing them to make improvements to current events and marketing plans. Attendees' data and leads can also be collected, and these can be leveraged for niche marketing efforts.

Video and Digital Production

At AVS we believe in the power of HD videos and create high-quality videos for our client’s various marketing campaigns. We handle the entire process starting from – Scripting, filming, editing, and post-production. These videos can be used for any SM handle, corporate training, advertising, and other internal/external purposes.

What the future holds for AVS and our clients

AVS will continue to develop and include new technology in the years to come, to assist clients in connecting with their target audiences. The growing use of data and analytics to inform marketing and communications strategy is a significant trend that has already been incorporated into our services. We have started to invest heavily in creating advanced analytics tools, to assist clients in better understanding their customers and delivering messaging that is tailored to them.

The growing significance of personalization in marketing and communications is another significant trend. Our clients will benefit from our more advanced AI-powered solutions in producing messages and content that are tailored to each unique customer. To do this, customer data analysis to determine unique preferences and interests is used, followed by the creation of highly targeted communications.


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