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A Way Forward Towards Safe events

By AVS India

The event industry is waiting to make a comeback after the welcoming relaxation in the restrictions by the government. Commencing the Unlock 4, the authorities have planned to open more activities in the coming weeks with a whole new set of rules and recommendations. 


With one of the guidelines capping the limit on the number of people allowed to congregate, the event industry has already started mapping-out their events with a renewed perspective.


A well thought and elaborate event safety plan is a pre-requisite that every event professional must prepare. Planning and organizing the events cautiously, taking complete responsibility by ensuring safety for its audience as well as for its crew, is one of the many things that one should consider. 


So, here are the well thought out standard operating procedures (SOP’s)/ guidelines that every event planner should incorporate irrespective of the type of the offline event:

Mandatory use of the Aarogya Setu app

Use of the Aarogya Setu app shall be made mandatory for all the vendors, event professionals, guests in order to ensure safety at the venue. The app is designed to keep track of other app users about their recent health scenario.


The physical distancing of at least 6 feet should be followed.

Maintain social distancing at the venue wherever possible. Event planners should place barriers, markings, and flow directions in all public spaces (e.g., at entrances, in restrooms) to direct the audience. Ensure the venues are of enough size that meets government guidelines for space/person.


  • Image of A Way Forward Towards Safe events
  • Image of A Way Forward Towards Safe events
  • Image of A Way Forward Towards Safe events

Mandatory use of face masks/kits

To ensure the health and safety of everyone, face masks/ face shields should be a must for the staff and the attendees. Encourage attendees to carry their own face masks. 

Event planners must keep some surgical face masks handy to distribute among individuals. All vendors and staff should wear kits which includes gloves, masks, face shield, and body kit. 

Proper training regarding the use and disposal techniques of the kit should be provided to staff beforehand.  


Mandatory temperature checks

As part of the new routine, event planners should keep Thermal Body Temperature scanning a mandatory practice at all critical points for every vendor, staff, attendee. Anyone related to the event must go through a compulsory temperature check to identify potential carriers of COVID-19 effectively. 


Frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers or hand-washing practices

Hand sanitizers with a minimum of 80% alcohol should be kept at all visible places (entrance, doors, stage, etc.). Provide adequate supplies like soap, water, paper towels, tissues, disinfectant wipes, and no-touch trash cans, etc. to maintain safety and hygiene at all times.


Regular disinfection and cleaning of surfaces in venues and personal spaces

Event venues, all the fabrication and setup material should be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals. Pay attention to frequently touched surfaces like door handles, Faucet handles, grab bars, hand railings, and cash registers for routine disinfection. 

Ensure all the vehicles along with the drivers follow proper safety protocols like regular cleaning and sanitization.

Provide adequate ventilation for attendees and staff to prevent them from inhaling toxic vapors.


In Conclusion:

The future of the event industry depends upon how event planners and administrators can maintain compliance with COVID-19 regulations to host incredible events.

However, these are only some mandatory precautions that one can take. 

Corporate/ brands need to consider every project of different scale, size, touch-point, geography - for different sectors beforehand. 


Our Event Reopening Guidelines keep safety at the top-of-mind and helps every planner to re-approach their projects in a safe and hygienic environment in the most authentic, transformational way. The handbook discusses the foreseeable health risks while conducting events and address possible ways to mitigate them.

Adhere to these guidelines to make informed decisions about event safety and bestow confidence of your clients and attendees to attend safe offline events.  

AVS pledges to conduct safe events, adhering to the guidelines provided by the authorities.

Check out the detailed Guidelines complied by AVS to conduct safe events in the coming times. 

Contact us or write to us at contact@avs.co.in to get a free copy of AVS Event Reopening Guidelines today!

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