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Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management

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Several industries were hit by the pandemic and the restrictions associated with it. One of the major sectors that have been adversely impacted is the Event Management space. However, the pandemic has paved the way for futuristic developments that are built on the disciplines of environmental awareness and sustainability.

The industry, as a whole, had to reassess its efforts towards the environment. Now, all event management firms are working out ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Even Government regulations are stressing the need to inculcate eco-friendly practices.

We all know that physical events contribute to a huge chunk of plastic and natural waste irrespective of scale. Apart from that, they lead to extensive usage of fossils to power lights and equipment. Additionally, pollution due to vehicles adds up to the damage caused to the environment. 

Some concerns within event management need immediate attention to ensure sustainability. Like other areas, this sector can also take steps towards a Greener tomorrow. Right from Hybrid events to Low-carbon transport arrangements, several greener initiatives can be incorporated. 

Let us see some of those measures: 

Training Programs 

The first step towards taking care of the environment is Training. It has become essential to upskill current team members in the changing scenario. Inculcating an eco-friendly approach right from the beginning is ideal to cultivate the mindset. 

Likewise, the Hospitality Education sector is including sustainability in its curriculum. This is more than just undertaking a couple of green initiatives. This involves a paradigmatic shift in the mindset that eases sustainable practices in the longer run.

Event Apps and Social Media

  • Image of Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management
  • Image of Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management
  • Image of Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management
  • Image of Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management
  • Image of Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management

The involvement of social media in business and management is on the rise. And it rightly fits the bill for both green and sustainability needs. Here, event planners can make use of technology with a consolidated app. An app can ease ticket bookings by locating the event venue with a map. Even a preloaded event itinerary in the app can prove to be helpful for visitors. This can replace invitations and posters, hence, save a lot of paper. 

In addition to apps, Event Managers can leverage the power of social media. It does a great job in creating event updates and providing all the vital details to the audience. With technology in place, event management faces no geographical boundaries. 

Leveraging its potential is where the success lies.

Hybrid Events

This is touted to be the next big thing in the event management industry. The pandemic catalyzed the growth of virtual events. But, with the restrictions on travel being reduced across the world, physical events are finding their feet. 

This befits the evolution of Hybrid events. It enjoys the social life of physical events, while still being robust against the threat of the virus. By picking the best of both worlds, hybrid events are growing in popularity. Being new in the space, the room for improvement and innovation is vast. 

  • Image of Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management
  • Image of Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management
  • Image of Green Measures and Sustainability In Event Management

Right now, event management firms have the first-mover advantage in the hybrid form. Therefore, starting off and then modifying on the go is a great way to sustain. 

Free Goodies and Shuttle Services

Many corporations give their guests promotional goods like t-shirts, pens, and badges. They are made up of plastic and after use, they land up in the waste. This contributes to a lot of plastic waste which cannot be recycled easily. 

That’s why a lot of companies are now going for jute handbags, reusable coffee cups, and other similar products. 

Also, private vehicles are bound to create excessive pollution during an event. Pick and drop services from public transport stations can help people to choose the service over their vehicles. Limited parking facilities with prior notice can also encourage carpooling.

Apart from people, there are a lot of goods associated with the logistical space. It is best to source them locally to avoid any carbon footprint via air or other long-distance transport options.

LEED Certified Venues and Reusable Décor

The venue is one of the most significant points in an event. So choosing a location with an ecological framework and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) recognition is ideal. 

Alongside, flower decorations, streamers, and placards do save money and time for decorators. But they are again synthetic materials and hard to dispose-off later. 

Reusable signboards can come in handy, instead. Or even digital boards can serve the purpose. It is a good investment to make since it is a reusable alternative. Using fabric and solar lighting is another form of saving on carbon emissions.


We know that a lot of these changes may feel a little unattractive. But, there is a definite need for sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the industry. 

The deteriorating environment is begging for action. And it deserves each event management practice to be mindful of its impact. The results of these practices are long-term. So, finding the best practices and following them sincerely over a substantial period compounds these benefits.

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