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Combating Pandemic: How Creative Agencies Evolving?

By AVS India

The pandemic has disrupted many global businesses and industries.

But, its impact on the traditional business processes has been the most significant.

Amongst the many, if there is one facet of the business which has been completely revamped, it is the way marketing and advertising works. Even before the pandemic, the use of social media and the internet was increasing by the day. In few months, the pandemic has catalyzed the adoption of the internet for marketing purposes. Now, it is fair to call digital marketing a mainstream tool.

Let's see how 2021 is looking for creative agencies, and if you are from the creative/advertising space, here's how you can evolve in 2021!

Flexibility In Campaigns

Creative agencies are no longer designing long-term campaigns. 


Shorter attention spans amongst consumers.

Dynamic shifts in consumer behavior.

Whilst the product or service remains the same consumer behavior does not. There are factors like the emergence of new platforms and newer forms of content that can disrupt long-term campaigns.

Being flexible in marketing campaigns is the way forward in 2021. 

This is assisted by the adoption of machine learning (ML). It enhances the flexibility of campaigns by providing insights into consumer behavior.

  • Image of Combating Pandemic: How Creative Agencies Evolving?
  • Image of Combating Pandemic: How Creative Agencies Evolving?
  • Image of Combating Pandemic: How Creative Agencies Evolving?
  • Image of Combating Pandemic: How Creative Agencies Evolving?
  • Image of Combating Pandemic: How Creative Agencies Evolving?

As and when a campaign starts, look out for patterns amongst your audiences’ interactions. Moving on, carefully tailor the content based on these patterns. In this way, you are personalizing the campaign to the end consumer. And this is how you win the marketing game in 2021.

Influencer Marketing and Collaborations

For creative agencies like Yours, influencer marketing is turning into a big weapon. Its potential is massive and it is fairly simple to understand why.

A bigger audience means the consumption of more content. And in the same line, content creation is increasing by manifold. 

This has led to the widespread adoption of collaborative efforts in marketing campaigns. Content creators, athletes, artists, and even the government are collaborating for marketing purposes. 

Now, how to leverage this?

Influencer marketing runs on one basic facet — Trust. Work with credible personalities, look for meaningful partnerships, and the audience will trust you. 

Bonus Tip : If done right, influencer marketing will reduce the cost of customer acquisition by a large margin.

Forms of content

From blogs to Instagram guides. From YouTube Shorts to E-books. Content can be produced in a plethora of forms. 

Now, should you create content in all the available forms?

Not really. It exhausts resources and reduces the efficiency of the marketing campaign. So, what next?

Nowadays, creative agencies are nitpicking content forms and platforms for their clients. Aligning the campaign’s purpose with the content form is the key to today’s marketing. 

And many creative agencies are embracing the gig culture. Hiring freelancers who are professional at producing specific forms of content is turning into a norm.

Bonus Tip: Focus on repurposing the content into different platforms. Publishing a blog on the website is the main step. Pick a stat from that blog and tweet it. Design a relevant infographic and you have an Instagram post. 

Value, Value, and More Value

The core advantage of digital marketing is the huge scope of reaching people. However, this advantage doubles up as responsibility for creative agencies. 

Why? New people are consuming your content day-in-day-out. The demographics of this new audience are widespread. Catering to all is never a feasible option unless your client is selling water. 

At this juncture, creative agencies must focus their efforts on one thing — providing value. The provision of value must be all-inclusive. Freebies, giveaways, contests are all ways by which you can provide value. By providing authentic and useful value, you build an organic community that can be monetized.

Bonus Tip: Engage with your audience. 

Polls, Q/As, Comments section, Retweets, Feedback forms — Not only do you receive social engagement, but you also may get content ideas.

In Conclusion: This is 2021, and these are four ways how creative agencies are upping their game. Observe these methods and try to align them with your current process. Transition is tough, yet vital to stay afloat in such a competitive industry.

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