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AVS India Marks a Glorious Decade: Celebrating the 10x Journey

By AVS India

Completing a decade is always special, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to last for 10 years and we did it with an illustrious profile to reflect upon. When we started naively in 2010, we were a bunch of passionate youngsters with nothing to lose but a world of opportunities to achieve. In the beginning, our passion was our driver; the experience we gained during the journey gave us the much-needed nudge to thrive in this industry.

In April 2020, AVS India completed 10 years in the industry. The bogey led by passion has served over 108 clients since inception. We have successfully executed over 1050 projects in 9 countries and have tendered our service in nearly every major city in our country. We have organized events in Hills and we have done activations in the deserts. We always have had a relentless quest to create opportunities out of every stumbling block on our way. 

Today we are a team of 23 passionate dreamers who are led by an unflinching dedication. As we complete a decade in the industry, we marvel at the work that we have done. 

  • Image of AVS India Marks a Glorious Decade: Celebrating the 10x Journey
  • Image of AVS India Marks a Glorious Decade: Celebrating the 10x Journey
  • Image of AVS India Marks a Glorious Decade: Celebrating the 10x Journey
  • Image of AVS India Marks a Glorious Decade: Celebrating the 10x Journey

AVS launched a 10x campaign to commemorate its 10th anniversary, propelling us to do 10 times better.With 10xHardwork, 10xCommitment and 10xEnthusiasm for the 10xGrowth, we all are geared up for the next 20 years of amazing work as we embrace innovation, technology, and pace ourselves with fierce dedication. The past decade was a glorious one for us as we served brands of international repute, and they bestowed immense faith in us. 

Through the sleepless nights and the tiring days, the results kept us pumped. With AVS marking a decade in the industry and the world battling through COVID-19, a massive celebration in order had to be canceled. Nonetheless, our passion has not been affected by the current crisis, and we continue to work harder than before on our new digital infrastructures: Digital marketing, Web development, Virtual Events, and many other services.

Even though the current pandemic crisis may have halted our lives at the moment, the world never stops. We must pivot quickly to innovate new ways to do business. Today, 8 Billion global citizens are joined together via the internet. Despite being in lock-down and maintaining social distancing, we all are better connected than we ever were in the history of humanity. In the past decade of our operation, we have leveraged Internet services to serve many clients. We have witnessed an ever-increasing demand for Web-based services in the past few months, close to a dozen of our clients and partners have opted for digital transformation to stay visible and accessible in today’s world. We may be physically distanced, but digitally we are all like a close-knit family. 

At AVS India, we always believe in learning from the past and predicting the future. Our past motivates us to do better, and the future compels us to keep moving forward. 

AVS India has been and will always be at the forefront when it comes to imbuing innovation and adapting new technologies. 

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